Rossi Combining E-Cat SKL and SKLed for 1 Million Pre-Order Threshold

Following Andrea Rossi’s statement yesterday about the probability of pre-orders for the E-Cat SKL generators starting in the first quarter of 2022, ECW reader Calle H, on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday made an important point about the affect that this would likely have on pre-orders for the E-Cat SKL Lamp. Calle wrote:

“So, there is now competition between the SKL and SKLed. One of the two will probably win as it may not be likely that the SKL and SKLed orders will each exceed 1 million. At least not at the same time.”

Andrea Rossi’s reply:

Andrea Rossi
November 3, 2021 at 12:52 PM
Calle H:
There is no competition, but integration. Since they have many parts in common, we will daliver also if the million units will be combined.
Warm Regards,

I think this makes it easier for the 1 million threshold to be reached, because more options are now available. As I stated yesterday, I believe that the E-Cat SKL will be a more attractive product for a lot of people (depending of course on price and power rating) because it is more versatile.