“Be Part of the Ecat Team”

Thanks to Artefact for pointing out a new page on the website, titled “Be part of the Ecat team”

The page gives a short history of Andrea Rossi’s involvement with various technologies related to energy which started well before he began working on the E-Cat.

It ends with an invitation for people to help build awareness about E-Cat technology:

Now, you can become a member of the team together with your community, spreading the word and helping to reach one million preorders to make the lamp and the power source as affordable as possible.

It will allow us all to light up and power the world in a sustainable way.

We know from Andrea Rossi that no E-Cat products are going to be available for sale until 1 million pre-orders have been placed, so I think this invitation to help spread the word is one way that Leonardo is hoping to generate pre-orders.

At this point it looks like they are just getting things ready, because so far there’s not a lot to share about the Ecat SKL or SKLed. We have one picture of the lamp and nothing of the generator. But I hopeful that will change after December 9th when we should be seeing video of both products in action. We have seen that is ready with social media accounts, and if they get some good content on them it will give people something to share.

My impression is that there is not going to be the typical advertising push that you might see from many big technology companies who have multi-millon dollar advertising campaigns when new products are released. Maybe they are looking at the Tesla approach. Tesla Motors does not do paid advertising, rather they rely on social media. One tweet from Elon Musk reaches around the world for free, and is reported widely in the press. Honestly I can’t see Andrea Rossi turning to Twitter, though — maybe Musk can do Rossi a favor and tweet about the December 9th event!