Potential of the Ecat SKLEP

From all accounts the SKLed lamp is done and ready to show on December 9th. Andrea Rossi seems to be putting more work and focus into the electricity generating SKLEP these days. He has said that he is “making a very tough work” on it, and is planning to show it at the presentation.

There have been a lot of specific questions about the SKLEP since Rossi announced the new name change, but he has said in response that more information will only be available at next month’s presentation.

From what Rossi has described, I expect the SKLEP to be quite a bit more attractive to consumers than the SKLed, so long as it works as described, of course. For one thing, I think it will be easier to demonstrate than the light, and easier for an audience to understand, if a simple circuit is shown and  appropriate measurements taken.

Everyone understands the universal need for electricity, and almost everyone has electricity bills to pay. If Rossi can show that SKLEP really is a new type of super-high efficiency generator, and if the pricing is reasonable, my guess he will get more pre-orders for it than for the SKLed.

Rossi has stated that the SKLEP will come in one size only, but it is designed to be modular, meaning you can combine many units to build up a generator of the desired power. So I think there is a likelihood that people will be buying multiple SKLEPs at one time, which would help reach the 1 million pre-order threshold before production would start.