Rossi statement on New Fire Coin website.

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics is a comment from Andrea Rossi regarding a website titled

Andrea Rossi
November 22, 2021 at 4:27 AM
that are using without our permission the name Ecat to sell bitcoins.
We, as Leonardo Corporation and out sites and and I personally Dr Andrea Rossi have nothing to do with these guys.
They are fraudolently trying to use the name Ecat and the logo “The new Fire” to promote the sale of bitcoins about which we know absolutely nothing and nothing want to know.
They also use the site
that cites the name Ecat, but has nothing to do with us and we never knew anything about them.
We already passed this issue to our attorneys, to make any action necessary to defend our trade mark and to avoid any fraudolent use of the name Ecat.
Dr Andrea Rossi, CEO of Leonardo Corporation

Update: 11-22-21

Andrea Rossi

You are right.
To all our Readers:
Please do not spend money for any offer you receive related to the Ecat in any form before asking me if the offer is genuine; you can have immediate answer from me emailing to
[email protected]
Also refuse any kind of Bitcoin related to Ecat, The New Fire, or anything related to the Ecat, because we do not participate to any form of bitcoin. My personal opinion is that bitcoins are pure bullshit and that their value sooner or later will drop to zero.
Warm Regards