ECW Status Update (Dec 1, 2021)

I just wanted to let readers know that I am still here. I know that most people are focused on the December 9th presentation, as I am.

Because of the information embargo prior to the presentation, there is really not a lot more that I can say about it at this point. I will also let people know that I was provided entry to Andrea Rossi’s laboratory only on condition of an NDA, so anything I report has to be approved by him. Having said that, Rossi did not really give me much confidential information. I am no closer to understanding the inner workings of the Ecat than I was before.

I will be able to show photos and videos of the E-Cat and the laboratory, he was pretty relaxed about me taking photos and film, however, anything I do publish will have to be pre-approved by him. I don’t expect a lot will be censored since I did not see the guts of the Ecat, just the surrounding apparatus.

I have been spending a lot of time pondering on what I have experienced over the last few days. I personally think that there is something huge going on with the Ecat. However, I think it is going to be very hard for most people to accept that what is being demonstrated is real, because it defies so much of what is accepted in science and engineering, and that wall of unbelief is going to be hard to break down.

Will this presentation be enough to move the needle in his favor? I don’t know. Rossi is withholding a lot of information, and that is going to generate suspicion. We will have to see how things develop. Maybe this is just the beginning of a campaign to win over potential customers.