Rossi: Orders for the Ecat SKLep Generators Can be Placed Starting December 9th

Here’s an interesting Q&A from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today. Since there were quite a lot of questions and answers, I have included each Andrea Rossi’s responses below each of the questions.

Dan Galburt
December 3, 2021 at 10:41 AM
Dear Dr Rossi,

You are now referring to “preorders” as “orders”.

Question 1
Does this mean that you have decided to proceed with the mass production and sale of the ECATSKLed?

It appears that you are also going to take “orders” for ECATSKLep

AR: Q1: As you can read on the order form of the SKLed and you will read on the order form of the SKLep starting from December 9, we will deliver after we will have received at least orders for 1 million units. At that point we will start the war machine we prepared for the mass production.
We call them now orders because now we can produce an offer complete of all the necessary data ( when we accepted pre-orders we were not even able to define a price )

Question 2
Does this mean that you have also decided to proceed with the mass production and sale of the ECATSKLep?

AR: Q2: Yes

Question 3
If I convert an existing ECATSKLed preorder to an ECATSKLep order, will I actually get an ECATSKLep sooner than if I just ordered it now?

AR: Q2: Yes

Question 4
How long do you expect the start of ECATSKLep shipments to lag behind the start of ECATSKLed shipments?

AR: Q4: There will not be a delay in the deliveries of the SKLep

You refer to “orders”, but I think you need to better define what an order is. My understanding is that an ECatSKLed order is one ECatSKLed light, and if I order 3 ECATSKled lights then I have placed 3 “orders”.

Question 5

Is my understanding correct?

AR: Q5: Yes

I am not sure what a ECATSKLep order is, but I hope you will clearly define that during your presentation.

I hope your presentation is a great sucess.

Warm Regards,
Dan Galburt

From this I think we can see that Andrea Rossi is focused on getting orders and making sales of the Ecat SKLep (the electricity generator), which he believes is going to more attractive for most potential customers than the Ecat SKLed (the lamp). On December 9th there will be a data sheet published about the SKLep, including the price, along with an order form.

When 1 million total orders have been received (SKLep and SKLed combined), then those who have placed orders will be notified and payment will be requested in order to fulfil the orders placed.

Rossi has stated that it is possible at this point to convert orders that have already been placed for SKLeds to orders for SKLeps. In a previous comment on the JONP he wrote:

“who will prefer to turn an already made order of the ECATSKLed into an order for the ECAT SKLep can fill up the form to buy the SKLep and write at the bottom of the form the phrase ” THIS ORDER SUBSTITUTES THE ORDER MADE FOR THE ECAT SKLED”; otherwise also the former order remains valid.”

Rossi seems very confident that the production process is ready, but the big question in my mind is whether the 1 million threshold will be reached, and if so, how long it will take to reach.