Help to Understand the Different Results by Rossi (Gerhard Hunf)

The following was posted on the Always Open thread by ECW reader Gerhard Hunf

Help to understand the different results by Rossi

Technical products result from the selection of materials and their structural application. So far unknown technical possibilities can therefore only result on the basis of new materials and their constructive application with old / new materials. The new materials include “hydride RT superconductors”. The combination of
these new materials with known materials must therefore lead to new technical possibilities.

I have so far described the manufacture and use of these new materials in two patents.

The benefit of these materials lies in the different current / magnetic flux behavior compared to conventional materials.
In this article (, in Fig. 3 this is illustrated impressively.

Combinations of normal and superconductors z. B.
1. Normal conductor with continuous superconductor coating
2. Normal conductor with periodically interrupted superconducting coating lead to different results depending on the power supply and temperature.
So case 1, with current densities equal to Sc and temperatures below Tc leads to LENR.
While case 2, with current densities smaller than Sc and temperatures below Tc – in combination with a coil – leads to – leads to an additional coil current.