Interview with Andrea Rossi (November 26, 2021)

The following is a transcript of an  interview that I conducted with Andrea Rossi during my visit to his laboratory on November 26, 2021.


About your partners: why do partners not want to disclose their names yet?

I don’t know.

What kind of partners do you have?

We have two important partners. One is a financial partner, and one is a manufacturer.

But at the moment they are not revealing themselves?

No, because in this moment, in this situation, they want not to be involved in the controversial discussions that are still around this technology. And so they say we trust it but we want not to be involved in these discussions.

Do you think at some future point they will be more open?

Yes, with the diffusion, when the delivery of the product will be made, controversies will stop. When the cars had been invented and when the cars had been produced in the first prototypes, there were many controversies saying that the speed of a car could destroy the health of humans, or they said that the cars could never go in the meadows, etc, etc.

Only facts can stop discussions, but discussions can affect the behavior of a name listed in some stock exchange. For example, one partner of us had promised us to make the presentation in his facility, but the board of directors said at the last moment said no, we want not to be involved in the discussions. This thing is too controversial.

Do you have enough financial support to do what you want to do?

This is a very difficult question, because it depends to which extent I go with the mind of what I want to do – short term, middle term, long term.

I am thinking more short term.

Short term, yes, because I think that we will reach 1 million units sold combined between the SKLed and the SKLep, and we should finance our service. I think we are all set for what concerns the revolution in the short term. 

Somebody wrote that Mr Rossi wrote that the had already had contact with car producers, is he confident to come down to business with some car producer after the presentation?


So it sounds like you have already had some contact with car producers.


Would you think that they would be numbered among the top 20 car producers in the world?

No comment.

Are you still interested in jet engines?

The truth is that a couple of years ago we made some experiments with an old scrap jet engine, but eventually we have focused our attention to the production that now we are presenting.This does not mean that we will not return to the research for the jet engines. Probably we will return to it, but not now. 

Have you experimented with photovoltaic cells, powered by light from the SKLed?

We are making research and development about this issue. There are problems to be resolved, because the spectrum of the LED does not match with the solar spectrum. But I think that it is possible to resolve the problem. We already have obtain results in this sense, but it is premature to talk about it.

Do you think it would be useful to do this?

I don’t know. We are making research and development.

The SKLep produces electricity, so why do it? Maybe there some situations in which it is useful.


This is a question regarding your patent, the Fluid Heater patent: is the information in that patent still relevant to your current version of the Ecat?


So there are new patents?

Yes, we have new patents pending.

How was the SKLed born?

The SKLed has been born because during an experiment I have seen a very bright light made with very low energy, so I said, why not make a lamp?

That was the plasma bright light, right?


But the light coming out of the SKLed is not the plasma, right?

No, it is not.

Why can’t you just use the light from the plasma?

Because it is too bright, it could not be usable, it could be also dangerous for the eyes.

What is the longest time you have operated a SKLed in continuous operation.


What is the longest time you have operated a SKLep

A week.

About the SKLed it says on that the lamp can be fully recycled by Leonardo Corporation. When it has ended its life, or when it is broken, what happens?

It has to be returned to Leonardo Corporation and we will recycle 100 per cent of it.

What happens if the lamp is broken?

It has to be returned to Leonardo Corporation. If it is broken for our fault, it will be substituted for free, including the shipping. If it is broken for the fault of the client, he can buy a new one.

Has it become relatively easy to produce these lamps?

Yes. If, as I hope, we will reach the amount of orders necessary to start mass production, we are absolutely ready. We have studied a simplified production system also for the SKLep. I have partners that are helping me. My suppliers are considered members of our team, also because we have made very delicate things together so it is necessary strong trust. I think that Leonardo Corporation has had the skill to make up a very important team with suppliers that are strongly trusted. Our kind of work does not allow just to choose a partner, a supplier based on the price. The factors that enter in the battlefield are very, very more complex.

Where do you see Leonardo Corporation in five years time, what is your hope?

A well integrated company with a system of being able to produce millions, tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions of pieces. 

Could the SKLed be made self-sustainable, meaning once it is switched on it could continue without any external connection?


Is the light producing element in the SKLed a semiconductor?

I can’t answer this question.

What determines the size of the lamp?

The amount of light that the customer wants.

Is it possible to make it much larger, or smaller? 

Yes, it is possible but it is more convenient to buy more of them.

Could the lamp be made to fit into an existing light bulb socket?

Yes, we can study an adapter.

Do you think you will do that?

It will depend on the demand. It is an issue that is not difficult to be resolved.

Can the lamp be made to produce IR (infrared), like a heater?


Can the lamp be modulated – switched on and off at high frequency like a stroboscope?


Is the lamp affected by magnetic or electrical fields?


Is the SKLed affected by vibration or drop?

It depends on the intensity. If it drops from the top of the Empire State building, I think it wrecks. With vibration, if you vibrate it with the vibration of a pneumatic hammer, probably. If the person who put this question just wanted to know if it can be put in a car, vibrations in a car cannot affect it. Crash in a car can affect it.

Does the bulb in the SKLed conform to any industry standard specification?

It has been certified.

Is the lifetime of the SKLed shortened by the operating temperature.

It depends on the temperature. In the certification are indicated the lower and higher temperature it can work in. If I remember correctly it is between -20 and +60 Celsius.

What is the minimum intensity that the SKLed can be operated at with the dimmer.

0.2 W (5% to 100%)

Does the spectrum of light produced change over the lifetime of the lamp?


Is the light produced by the SKLed polarized?


Is nickel powder still the main ingredient for the SKLed or SKLep?

No comment.

What are your plans for retirement?

In the next fifty years. No hopes for my enemies.

You are well known to be the inventor and CEO of Leonardo Corporation. What about the future when you are no longer able to work?

Leonardo Corporation is going to be a big company with a structure, with a board of directors.

Do you have any ideas of where future leadership will come from?


You are not going to tell us who they are.

No. Not even them.

Is the development of the Ecat now based mainly on theory, or on trial and error.

Now it is more based on theory, and this is I suppose clear from my paper on ResearchGate. Who wants to understand the address of our theoretical issues can go to read my paper on ResearchGate.

Are you writing further, or is this the complete theory?

I am studying further, but there are all the chromosomes of the organism that will be bought.

Can you talk about Zero Point Energy?

Zero point energy is bound to the entropy. It is something upon which Tesla worked. But it is explained very well in my paper. To say in few words, I can say that the zero point energy is the energy that comes from phenomena that have a reduction of entropy for some external event. At that point statistically, probabilistically there are many of these phenomena that produce a gap between the entropy as it would be, and the entropy as it is. But since, by the second principle of thermodynamics, entropy must grow up in this delta between this entropy. Because to fill up the tank of the zero point energy that is the one that we are exploiting. Anyway this is explained more rigorously perhaps in my paper.

Do you know of any other technologies that use zero point energy?

Yes, Tesla. The experiment that Tesla was trying to take electricity out of the atmosphere, and I suppose that he had an intuition about this. Probably he did not name it zero point energy, but I think it was the same tank that is called zero point energy. Zero point energy is a concept that is pretty well consolidated. If you Google “Wikipedia zero point energy” you have plenty to read.

I’ve done that. I think the controversy or the question is, yes there’s energy there, but can we use it? Some people say no, it’s impossible

You know, people said also that it was impossible to fly. When Leonardo Da Vinci made that schematic of a helicopter it made a lot of sense, but people were laughing.

What about the efforts to use the SKLed to grow plants?

Yes we are making experiments with that, and we already have discovered that the light of the SKLed can help with greens, like salads and this kind of stuff. We are working on it.

Do you have any connections with University Departments?


How has the response to your work been with academics?

I am working with very high level professors, and learning a lot from them. Without the help from some of them, I would not be here and I would not have made the enormous progress I have made in the last five years. I must say that without the help of university professors, probably the Ecat would not exist.

Could we interview any of those professors?

You know, their reaction is the same as the financial partners. They are terrorized to be attacked by the trolls because you know, the internet is a great thing. E-Cat World is a typical example of a good thing that could not exist without the internet. But unfortunately there is the good and there is the bad. The bad is that an imbecile like one of many trolls has the same weight as a professor. So you can see a professor that is PhD and that has studied physics for thirty years, you can see him insulted by an idiot, but in the blogs is arrogant and vulgar, and so he has more followers than the professors. Now I ignore these idiots, but in the blogs the professors and these idiots are put on the same level. This is why serious persons, serious professors, are terrorized to enter into discussions saying anything about these matters. They will talk about it when we have 1 million pieces working around the world, at that point the trolls will automatically disappear like mosquitos.

Has this internet phenomena you describe made it very difficult for you to make progress?

No, the trolls have helped me and now I explain why. My most important partner, that I have now. At our first meeting, when I asked him why did you decide to contact me? (I asked this just for curiosity). He answered, well I am not a scientist, but I have good sense. I have seen that you have a lot of people who full time insult you, and try to disparage you in any possible way, and I have noticed that you just turn a blind eye. You ignore completely what they do. So if this army of people, that working full time, to insult you (obviously are paid). If your competitors pay these people to disparage you, this means they are afraid of you, so the fact that you ignore them means that you are not afraid of them, so I think you have something that is working. I have never received damage from the trolls, in contrast I have many advantages.

Will Andrea Rossi make available 100-200 Skleds available to independent testers?


If not, will he make 10 available to independent testers willing to pay him double the marginal cost of production?


Andrea, you have written a long paper about your theory. Most people will not have the background to understand it, because it is very complicated physics. But can you give a short version of your theory that maybe easier for the average person to understand?

As simple as possible: I think that the phenomena that we are seeing starts from the zero point energy, and then in the Ecat, we make a difference of voltage, and a difference of temperature with high differences of voltage. This increases the zitterbewegung effect that is the vibration of an electron along its travel line. And the Ahronov-Bohm effect, which is complicated. For those who are interested about what this is, it is explained in my paper on ResearchGate. Then this zitterbewegung effect and the Ahronov-Bohm make electrons change phase, and allows the formation of clusters of electrons in phase. When they enter in phase, we have minor entropy, minor thermal capacity and minor freedom degrees which frees a lot of energy, and this energy goes to the electrons not in phase, and this is the source of the energy gain.

What about the casimir effect which is mentioned in your paper?

The casimir effect is important, related to the zero point energy, because the casimir effect that I studied in relation to the Ecat together with professor Sven Kullander of the University of Upssala, the casimir effect says to us that there is zero point energy.