MFMP Video: “Explaining the SKL on the one year VEGA-EVO Blaster?”

Here is a new video in which Bob Greenyer discusses is thoughts on the production of exotic vacuum objects (EVOs) being the principle about the Ecat SKLep that was demonstrated last week. He discusses the similarities between the Ecat and experimental results from other researchers including Nikola Tesla, Ken Shoulders and John Hutchison.

In one slide, Bob provides this summary:

– If you drive EVOs, they will produce a lot of UV
– If you drive them harder, they will produce soft X-Rays (and up to 10keV according to Alexander Shskin ‘A new kind of penetrating radiation’)
– They can produce up to 255 keV
– This will massively ionise Xenon producing a lot of free electrons

Bob is proposing a competition using a “million pixel” concept, where first person to produce a light-heat-electricity device, along with a full schematic gets the prize fund.