From an Observer at the Ecat Presentation

I would expect that some readers here might be interested in my own experience of participating in the presentation of the Ecat on December 9th. I did sign an NDA so there are some things that I am not able to share without permission, but I will share some things here that I don’t think are confidential.

I was invited to the presentation, along with an associate, as a witness and an observer, and I did some filming. I am not able to reveal where the presentation took place, except to say it was in Europe. The place where the video was filmed was a laboratory with various rooms containing equipment which appeared to be dedicated to various projects that Andrea Rossi has been working on connected with the Ecat. As you can see from the presentation video, there were shelves of the Ecat SKLed lamps which I understood that had been hand built.

I was not permitted to touch anything that was connected to the Ecat SKLep on the table. Andrea Rossi explained that the big bath of oil in which the resistor was placed was to keep the resistor at room temperature in order to make the voltage measurements accurate. I did put my hand close to the bath and was not able to detect any discernable warmth.

The video showed that Ecat in operation for just a few minutes. Following the video, Andrea Rossi disconnected the wattmeter, and I gave him an identical wattmeter that I had purchased and brought with me ( He replaced his wattmeter with the one I had brought and hooked it up to the circuit. The readings were slightly higher, showing an average wattage input of between 0.9 – 1 Watt of power consumption. We ran the Ecat for about three hours in the lab with the voltage showing very similar readings to what is shown in the video. Andrea explained that during long runs of the Ecat SKLep in this circuit, the voltage varies slightly over time in a range of between about 12.5 – 12.8 Volts.

After about 3 hours of observing this, we left the laboratory, leaving the system running. On our return the next day, the voltage reading was slightly higher (around 12.7 Volts) than when we had left it the day before.

During our visit, Andrea Rossi handed me a volume of certification which had been done on the Ecat SKLed. It was about 150 pages long. From what I could gather from browsing it, it showed testing that had been done. Andrea explained that the Ecat SKLed and the Ecat SKLep use the same base technology. The only difference comes from the control systems that are used to drive the Ecat. He said that the control system for the SKLed was very simple, while for the SKLep, it was very complex. The certificate only included safety data, not performance. Andrea said that he had removed the performance date from the report before he let me see it, as he said it contained date he considered to be confidential.

The name of the certifying agency was printed on the report, but I am not permitted to reveal it at this time. The agency that was named is a well-known agency in the certifying industry, performing certifications in a wide variety of industries and products, with offices in many countries around the world.

I spent a lot of time during my visit in discussions with Andrea Rossi on a variety of topics, some related to the Ecat, and some not. Here are some of my impressions of him as person.

He is obviously 100% dedicated to his work, which I believe he sees as his life’s mission. I think he devotes almost every minute of the day to doing something that he thinks will further his work along. He explains that he exercises daily, and finds this a good time to think and develop ideas.

He is extremely hospitable. I have never been treated with more hospitality and concern for my comfort and welfare than I have when spending when visiting him. This was much appreciated in a place that was brand new to me, where I was not aware of local geography, language and customs. I was very well looked after.

He seems to be a very astute student of life, and is familiar with a wide range of topics. He references historical and current events frequently and often comes up with very interesting and humorous turns of phrase which reflect this background. I get the sense that his mind is wired in such a way as to take observations from the world around him, and somehow apply them to his work with the Ecat.

He is very secretive and protective when it comes to his work with the Ecat, and his business activities. He reveals only what he wants to. He did not disclose to me anything that I would consider confidential (apart from the certificate mentioned above). I was no closer to knowing anything about his business connections than I was previously. I did not meet anyone on his team even though I asked. He explained that members of his team are covered by NDAs that are more stringent than the one I signed, and I was to talk with just one person on his team it could set a precedent that could compromise all the other NDAs. So he did not give me access to anyone.

So as far as Andrea Rossi and the Ecat are concerned, I am still fascinated with the subject. Nothing has changed there. I think the Ecat is a technology that has the potential to make a positive impact on the world, and I will continue to follow the story here at ECW.