Aureon Energy Update

A reader has kindly notified me that the website of Aureon Energy has been updated and now includes a series of videos.

The website is at:

It appears from the site that they are emphasizing the ability of their technology to remediate nuclear waste, while at the same time creating energy and chemical elements, including rare earth metals.

They are seeking investment, inviting “interested and aligned investors to participate in our Series A financing”.

In the video titled “Two Models” they contrast the “Gravity Model” with the “Plasma Model”. For the plasma model, the one they are holding up as being more accurate, they state:

Deep space is not an empty vacuum. It is full of matter: organic molecules, dust, metal. It is also full of electric fields, and electric currents moving through the fields. Electric fields and currents naturally condense matter. This is the condensed matter. It could eb made up of any combination of elements. It has a positive charge, deep space has a negative charge. Deep space is 99.99 per cent plasma; plasma is a medium through which electric charge can flow. Positive and negative charges seek equilibrium, but in the context of a star, the can’t find equilibrium. This causes the plasma to ignite and organize into a stellar atmosphere: a sun or star is created. The sun gets all its power from its relationship to the interstellar medium. This process can be replicated in the SAFIRE reactor.