“Ball Lightning in a Neon Tube – Cool to touch?” (MFMP Video)

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Synthesis of ball lighting in an off the shelf plasma bulb that runs cool?

Ball Lightning in a Neon Tube – Cool to touch?

“I was doing experiments with an ordinary neon indicator lamp, attempting to create and study bright violet Ball Lightning using BEMF ground current. In the past, I’ve seen the purple flashes in neon and it usually results in the Lamp electrodes glowing within a few seconds. But I got the impulse speed down to an extremely short time. And something strange happened…
What was discovered? ONLY when the magnetic field collapse has extremely short duration with a “challengingly rapid” rise time; the bulb STOPPED getting hot. In fact it remained cool for the several minutes of the experiment! This was reflected by the creation of a large single Ball Lightning instead of just the purple flickers that normally are a precursor.”
– Jeremiah The Engineer, 4th Jan 2022

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