US Air Force Partners with Twelve on Project to Make Jet Fuel Out of Thin Air

An ECW reader sent the following comment and links:

Jet Fuel out of thin air – I felt this was interesting news for E-cat world, especially if linked with E-Cat SKL power plant.

The US Air Force Energy Installations and Environment published this article:

“The Air Force partners with Twelve, prove it’s possible to make jet fuel out of thin air”

Official Air Force publication link

From the article:

What if you could access fuel from anywhere on the planet, at any time, no tanker required? The Air Force thinks it’s possible with ground-breaking carbon transformation technology.

Separate from carbon capture and storage or carbon utilization, carbon transformation can turn carbon dioxide from the air into nearly any chemical, material, or fuel, including jet fuel.

In 2020, Air Force Operational Energy endorsed the carbon transformation company Twelve to launch a pilot program to demonstrate that their proprietary technology could convert CO2 into operationally viable aviation fuel called E-Jet®.

The project hit a major milestone in August of this year when Twelve successfully produced jet fuel from CO2, proving the process worked and setting up the conditions to create the synthetic carbon-neutral fuel in larger quantities. The first phase of the project is scheduled to conclude in December with a report detailing the process and findings.”

Twelve Company website link

From the company’s manifesto:

Our core technology is an electrochemical reactor we call O12. It performs a process that can be described as industrial photosynthesis: like a shiny black leaf, it uses proprietary catalysts to transform CO₂ into new products, using just water and electricity as inputs. Pure oxygen is our only byproduct. O12 achieves the same CO₂-transforming power as 37,000 trees, or 64 football fields of dense forest, in a module the size of a suitcase.

Our carbon transformation devices drop into existing supply chains and manufacturing processes and connect to any source of CO₂ emissions. This means we can connect directly to the source of industrial emissions, allowing industrial emitters to create new value from what today is discarded as waste. Our technology also works with direct air capture, turning legacy CO₂ that has been removed from the atmosphere into new products.