Brilliant Light Power Updated Business Presentation

Thanks to an ECW reader for sending me a link to a slideshow showing an updated business presentation (January 2022) by Brilliant Light Power

There is a lot of information in the presentation about the market that BLP is targeting, which is basically the whole of the energy sector. They emphasize that the opportunities are vast. BLP is planning to provide both electricity generation (Power SunCell) and heat products (Thermal SunCell).

They want to operate in the transportation, heating, electricity generation, desalination markets in all kinds of applicatio

Here are a few points that stand out to me from the presentation:

About Brilliant Light Power

• The proprietary SunCell® has been validated by experts at an excess power scale of 300 kW
producing blackbody radiation and continuously producing steam.
• We are running internal optical and thermal trials at a scale of 100-250 kW continuous power production and an extraordinary power density of up to

Catalytic Reaction of Atomic Hydrogen to Hydrino®

• Atomic hydrogen reacts with an energy acceptor called a catalyst wherein energy is transferred
from atomic hydrogen to the catalyst which forms an ion due to accepting the energy

• Then, the negative electron drops to a lower shell closer to the positive proton to form a smaller
hydrogen atom called a “hydrino” releasingenergy that ultimately is in the form of heat

• The catalyst ion regains its lost electrons to reform the catalyst for another cycle with the
release of the initial energy accepted from hydrogen. With the imposition of an arc current
condition, the limiting space charge of the ionized electrons is eliminated and the rate becomes
massively high

Brilliant Light Power’s Path Forward

• We are pursuing commercial thermal and electrical power sources for essentially all power markets at the modular scale of 100-250 kW.

BLP say their path forward is to:

• Prove our power source to the world in the near term through power field trials, identification of the
Hydrino® products of the reaction, and engineered power systems.
• Engineer products
• Commercialize solutions