Rossi’s Focus: Manufacturing Organization

I have been wondering a great deal about what Andrea Rossi is up to these days. I asked him what he is focusing on nowadays:

Frank Acland
January 24, 2022 at 8:35 PM
Dear Andrea,
In this period, what are you mostly focusing on in your work?

Andrea Rossi
January 25, 2022 at 4:36 AM
Frank Acland:
Manufacturing organization,
Warm Regards,

I think this answer tells us a lot. The presentation is done, and it seems like he is not doing further R&D on the Ecat SKLep, except for some aesthetic changes. Now he has to make the products and deliver them, this is the only way his goal of making an impact on the world will be achieved.

The only way that this Ecat story will be resolved is through the actual production and delivery of Ecat SKLep units. Until that happens, it is mainly an intellectual exercise to try and understand how the Ecat works, or explain why it doesn’t work.

I think that those who are placing orders are assuming that it does work, but are making that assumption based on faith, rather than having proof. Maybe they figure that the evidence is strong enough for them to place the order, however, if Leonardo never delivers then they have lost nothing except perhaps time and mental energy. If Leonardo does deliver, and the Ecats don’t work, they figure they can get their money back, or working replacements. If it does work, and they actually receive working Ecats, and start using them, then they can start to receive the benefits of them.

As I understand it, that orders will be shipped in order of priority, so the first orders placed will be the first orders shipped. This is another reason to place early orders, because if the Ecat got really popular it could take a longer time to have orders filled.

As far as marketing and advertising goes, I don’t think we will see a traditional advertising campaign. If people do get Ecats in their hands, they will be the marketers and advertisers. Before long I think we will see hundreds of videos, reports and demonstrations. These will be the third party reports that will be the most convincing.

I am almost certain that we will not see another Ecat SKLep demonstration prior to the delivery of manufacturing. I think that the December 9th presentation has done what Andrea Rossi hoped it would do, which is begin the generation of orders.