Claim: “Unlimited Free Energy” from Modified Alternator and Electric Motor

Here is something that has just come to my attention which I thought would be interesting to readers here. Obviously, having just come across this, I don’t have any way to evaluate what is being claimed, but I am sure that some people will give it a try.

Below are links to two videos from a YouTube Channel called “Technologia Oculta” that claim to show that free energy can be produced by combining an electric motor and a modified car alternator in a certain way.

Video 1: “Get Free Energy with AC Motor and Car Alternator ”

Video 2: “Is Free Energy Possible? We put this infinite energy engine to test.”

In the second video they respond to the statement that you can’t get energy from nothing. They respond “Here you are not generating energy from nothing. That is impossible. Here we use the energy that has always existed in the universe. Magnetism. The magnetic energy is transformed into mechanical energy. And the mechanical energy, through the alternator, is converted back into electrical energy with very high efficiency. In this way we obtain unlimited and free energy.”

I think it could be interesting to see how this project progresses.