Rossi Warns About Ecat Sales

This message was posted today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

Andrea Rossi
January 29, 2022 at 11:03 AM
I have been informed that there are around persons that collect money saying they can sell the Ecat SKLep even if the deliveries have not yet begun. Please do not pay money to anybody that sells the Ecats, because we have authorized nobody to sell the Ecats before we make the deliveries.
All our Clients that have sent the orders will be served directly from Leonardo Corporation, and our resellers that have ordered the Ecat SKLeps are not authorized to sell them before we grant them the delivery.
We will publish the address of our resellers as soon as we will deliver to them the Ecat SKLeps.
Whomever is soliciting the payment of an Ecat SKLep is making a fraudolent action.
If somebody does so, please inform us immediately sending an email to
[email protected]
Warm Regards,

From this comment it sounds like Leonardo has made some kind of deals with resellers, but that these parties are not authorized to make any sales until they have received products to sell. I would guess that resellers will be starting to think about potential customers, but they are apparently not allowed by Leonardo Corp. to collect any money from sales.