Koenigsegg Reveals New EV Motor Small Enough to Fit in a Backpack

Thanks to Stephen for posting a link to an article from the carbuzz.com website about a new electric engine produced by Koenigsegg, a Swedish company that manufactures high-end sports cars.

This engine is called the Quark E-motor.


From a press release about the engine, the company states:

“The Quark presents new benchmarks in compact and torque-rich engineering with the first production version weighing just 30 kg, producing up to 600 Nm of torque and 250 kW of power. Without the extra driveline functions for the Gemera, the Quark can drop below 28.5 kg in weight.

““The Quark is unique in its high efficiency in combination with its class-leading torque-to-power-to-rpm-to-weight matrix. This means, when using the Quark in applications such as marine, aircraft or VTOL, there is no need for a step-down transmission, instead direct drive can be achieved, as the RPM of the motor is right from the get-go.”