“Cavitation Bubble Fusion Reactor – Dr. Max Fomitchev-Zamilov” (New MFMP Video)

There’s a new video from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project in which Bob Greenyer talks with Dr. Max Fomitchev-Zamilov who is working on building a ‘proof of concept’ bubble fusion reactor. He says he is working on a shoestring budget to build his setup and outlines his work so far in this paper posted on his website (maximus.energy):


Here’s a quote from the conclusion of his paper:

I have registered a significant neutron flux coincident with cavitation of deuterium oxide mixed
with low vapor pressure oil. The detected neutron flux is 20-40 times above the background.
The results are repeatable and reproducible.

At this stage I do not have enough data to determine if neutrons are of thermonuclear origin or
arise from some other nuclear process such as spallation.

More discussion and paper is here at the MFMP site:

Here is the MFMP video description and YouTube video:

Dr. Max Fomitchev-Zamilov joins MFMP volunteer Bob Greenyer to review the formers journey that lead him to have potentially discovered an effective way to produce cavitation driven bubble fusion. After his story so far, plans for future work are discussed.