Article: “Zero-Point Energy: Infinite Possibilities” (

An article posted on the Medium website last week focuses on the possibilities of zero point energy as a new form of energy. The author of the article, A.S. Deller, interviews Steven Schear, a technologist who has been involved in early efforts to find ways to tap the ZPE field.

Schear worked with Garrett Moddel and Bernard Haisch at a company called Jovion, which now seems to be defunct. At the time they were working on the stochastic electrodynamics theoretical model. (

He talks about the barriers that researchers in the ZPE field face, which have been discussed on this site at length. Given the nature of peer review and the need for grant funding, it is difficult to get support for research projects, since ZPE is such a fringe area of science.

Schear cites a paper by Moddel et. al. as representing the most promising approach to tapping the ZPE field. (Moddel et. al. 2019 paper, Extraction of Zero-Point Energy from the Vacuum: Assessment of Stochastic Electrodynamics-Based Approach as Compared to Other Methods. Atoms, 7(2), 51. doi:10.3390/atoms7020051). However, he cautions, “Initial experimental results were interesting, but given the lower than expected power output, inconclusive.”