Rossi: Production of Ecat SKLeps has Started

In an exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today, Andrea Rossi indicated that although distribution of Ecat SKLeps has not started, production of them has.

March 3, 2022 at 9:53 AM
Dear Dr. Rossi, dear visitiors of this blog,
everybody of us feels the tension to the question: when will the million be reached? It is possible, to reach the target in some days.
My order in January was 5 Skleps. Some days ago, I ordered another 5 pieces for my son. If some of us, the more, the better, do the same and order additional Skleps, will help to start production soon.
In my opinion is the risk, we go very small, but the chanche is enormous. Looking around in our world today gives us many reasons to do it in this way, it costs only some dollars. So, let´s do it.

Greetings from Germany – Andreas

Andrea Rossi
March 3, 2022 at 10:06 AM
I empathyze with you.
I am convinced thay before the end of tis year we will start the distribution. We already started the production.
Warm Regards,

If Rossi has started Ecat production, I would guess that distribution will follow, so it seems that he has the confidence to reach his 1 million pre-order target. If you are serious about producing them, you are obviously going to get your production system up and running, at least to a limited degree, in order to test the manufacturing system and work out any problems that come up.

So I think he’s saying the right things, but we still await the confirmation that the SKLep is a viable new energy source. That won’t happen until the first customers get them and begin to test them out.