Impact of the War in Ukraine on Science

An Associated Press article today looks at the scientific fallout of the Russia-Ukraine war. It discusses how for many years scientists in Russia have collaborated with the West and others on such projects as the ITER Fusion project, nuclear research at CERN, and monitoring of climate in the Arctic.

According to the article, the EU has frozen funding of research projects that had involved collaboration with Russia, and MIT in the US has cut ties with Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology it had help establish in Moscow where it had established the Skolkovo Foundation to support technological entrepreneurship.

From the article:

“Russian and Western scientists have become dependent on each other’s expertise as they have worked together on conundrums from unlocking the power of atoms to firing probes into space. Picking apart the dense web of relationships will be complicated.”

We have seen the role that Russian researchers have played in the LENR/Cold Fusion research, where the field seems to have an active community or scientists taking the topic seriously. Bob Greenyer has built up many connections with Russian researchers over the years and has traveled there to meet with a number of them. One wonders what the impact of the war will have for this field of research.