Rossi: “We are Not Ready Yet”

Obviously there is a great deal of anxiety these days regarding the situation with energy supplies. The Russia-Ukraine war has caused great turmoil in energy markets, especially in Europe where it is now possible that Russian gas supplies will be cut off, leaving a huge shortfall for many countries.

For those following the Ecat story, this has particular interest, as there have been hopes that a new energy source such as the Ecat could evanutally supplant the need for reliance on fossil fuels.

Andrea Rossi has announced that he has started production of Ecat components, but not of completed Ecat SKLeps. Yesterday made this comment in response to a question about the number of Ecats he has produced so far.

‘You are right, I answered ambiguously, the correct answer would have been “about 1000 Skleps have been partially manufactured, my fault,’

From this it appears that there are not any completed Ecat SKLeps that can be tested yet, let alone shipped.

Another question came into the Journal of Nuclear Physics today from a reader obviously worried about the Energy situation:

Heinz Sause
April 4, 2022 at 5:41 AM
hello dr rossi,
The Putin/Ukrain war will probably not come to an end if the Russian side gives in after negotiations, based on experience with the trigger of the war.
The cessation of imports from Russia also always hurts
will hurt us very much.
Why, I keep asking myself, aren’t you in contact with economic ministries in the EU or the USA?
we your followers stand by you .

Andrea Rossi
April 4, 2022 at 5:57 AM
Heinz Sause:
Because we are not ready yet.
Thank you for your support,
Warm Regards,

For the Ecat to make even a small dent in the energy markets, I believe it will take millions of working Ecats. That will take time, money and a reliable product. So far we don’t have anything on the market, or anything that can be tested by potential clients. Hopefully he will get there eventually, but for the time being it seems the Ecat is not going to affect the energy crisis.