Reads of Rossi’s Researchgate Paper passes 100,000

Yesterday some readers on the Journal of Nuclear Physics posted that the number of readings for Andrea Rossi’s paper E-Cat  SK and long-range particle interactions has passed the 100,000 mark.  It doesn’t look like the statistics for reading of papers is available to the general public, because it seems that to see the actual stats for papers on that site you have to have an authorized ResearchGate account, which is only available to people who are verified as working in scientific fields.

I would imagine with all the discussion of the Ecat over the years, thousands of people interested in the subject will have read the paper, but it is not easy reading for the layperson (speaking for myself). There’s a lot of complicated math and physics in it.

When asked where the roots of his theory are found in the paper, Rossi responded:

“Paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 5, and the bibliography, in particular Reference 17.”

Reference 17 is the 1933 Nobel lecture by Paul Dirac titled “Theory of Electrons and Positrons”, which can be read here:

Paul A. M. Dirac – Nobel Lecture (

Rossi does not say why he singles this paper out as being so important.

It will be interesting if anyone will be able to use the information in the paper and create a product similar to the claimed performance of the Ecat. So far no one has stepped forward to say they have.