“O-Day – Game 0-ver” (MFMP Video)

Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has posted a new video on YouTube titled: “O-Day – Game 0-ver”. Bob has been building towards this over the past few years.

Bob has posted this in the video description and on the Remote View Substack page:

They got 3 years to reveal ‘O’, a further 2 to come clean.

As predicted, they went for scorched Earth.

No more nonsense resource scarcity wars and military subjugation for profit, it’s GAME ‘O’ VER…

Are you ‘READY’ to ‘LEVEL UP’ humanity?

Time for a ‘NEW GAME’.

The video is over 4 hours long and I have not watched it all yet, but the gist seems to be that universe is built around the toroidal structure / EVOs (exotic vaccum objects). He covers a lot of examples in the video.