ICCF24 – ‘Solid State Energy Summit’ – to be Held July 25-28 in California

The ICCF24 conference (International Conferences on Cold-Fusion) will be held July 25-28 in Mountain View California. The conference will be a hybrid of in-person and online participation. This year, the ICCF conference is being describes as a Solid State Energy Summit in a conference that features business, academia and government research working in the field of LENR/Cold Fusion.

Full information is at https://www.iccf24.org/

Here is a description of the conference:


This Summit represents the future impact of solid-state atomic and fusion energy.

In conjunction with International Conferences on Cold-Fusion (ICCF) community, who have been the pioneers of the field since the 90’s, we will engage perspectives from government, academia, industry, and the investment sector to critically discuss the potential of a shortcut to fusion power.

We invite a broad representation of backgrounds and expertise in physics, materials science, and more to join us in exploring how solid-state energy could ignite a new pathway of energy production.

Some of the organizations that will be participating are NASA, DARPA, Industrial Heat, Brillouin Energy and Clean Planet. Many other university representatives are involved also.

The full program can be accessed at this link: