ICCF24 Short Course: “Cold Fusion Will Lower the Cost of Both Energy and Equipment” (Jed Rothwell)

On the Youtube Channel of the ICCF24 X Solid State Energy Summit, there are a number of videos that have just been posted which are part of the ‘Short Course’ series. These appear to be supplementary to the main agenda, but have a lot of interesting topics and presenters.

Here is one by Jed Rothwell titled: “Cold Fusion Will Lower the Cost of both Energy and Equipment”.

It is a forward-looking presentation; Jed acknowledges that currently cold fusion technology is not cabable of delivering the cheap energy he anticipates, but he is confident that it will in the future. He states in the presentation that it will require $10 million investment per day for many years to see the benefits he anticipates.

He argues that because cold fusion has been shown to work in laboratory settings, it will be able to be commercialized in time, and that eventually businesses will have to spend billions on the technology, because if they don’t their competitors will put them out of business.