Once Pre-order Target Reached, Shipping of Ecat SKLeps Can Begin in 1 Week

Here is an interesting set of questions and answers from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today:

Steven Nicholes Karels
July 31, 2022 at 2:13 PM
Dear Andrea Rossi,

As we begin a new month (August 2022), perhaps it is a good time to ask a few questions, which you may choose to reveal the answers…

1. If today, you had 1 million confirmed orders, how long before the first production unit would be shipped?
2. Same conditions … What would you initial monthly production rate be?
3. When would the last of the first 1M units be shipped?

Andrea Rossi
July 31, 2022 at 5:01 PM
Steven Nicholes Karels:
1. 1 week
2. there would be a progression: an integral, not a number
3. 12-18 months
Warm Regards,

My understanding based on comments Rossi has made is that the SKLep orders placed first will be the orders that will be filled first. From his answers here, where he talks about a ‘progression’, my guess is that the initial pace of orders shipped would be relatively slow, but would be built up over time.

1 million units is a lot of Ecats. This is the very beginnings of Ecat mass production, so one would expect that it would take some time to streamline things, and work out problems that could crop up along the way. If the Ecat SKLep works as advertised, and works well, I think the demand will be huge. 1 million units would barely scratch the surface of the demand that would be out there.

Who would not want to own a device that cuts the cost of electricity to near zero? I do understand that at a price of $249 per 100W unit, it is quite a significant upfront investment, but if it works reliably, after the ROI is met, you would have basically free energy for years to come.

Assuming it works well, I hope that the early recipients of the SKLeps will not be shy about making public their experience with the SKLep. I actually believe I placed one of the very first SKLep orders, and if I get one in my hands I will certainly be reporting about it here on ECW.