George Egely’s “Dusty Plasma System” at ICCF24 (Gaia Energy)

Thanks to Axil Axil for posting the following comment regarding the “dusty plasma” invention of George Egely which is being developed by Gaia Energy Limited ( The company describes their process as the “catalytic transmutation of hydrogen.”

Quote from Alan Smith
Back in the real world, George Egely made a fairly amazing announcement today, talking about the dusty plasma system he has created that uses the catalytic fusion of polaritons in hydrogen (I presume the catalyst is in the dust) that is to be prototyped to produce a 30kW energy amplifier. I am not sure what the COP of his system is claimed to be, but it did occur to me that Egely’s polariton ‘necklaces’ are EVO’s. A word he never used.

More on Rossi’s competition as revealed at ICCF24. The Egely reactor is more power dense than the SKLEP and at 30 kilowatts one reactor will solve all your power needs. Egely also is not concerned about reverse engineering. It looks like we have a new dog in the hunt.

Video here:

it concerns a 30kW proposed device (already existing in 5kW form as described in the video) producing electricity directly from a hydrogen plasma, George Egely the inventor has presented something on this at the ICCF24 conference.

Competition is good for getting things done.