ICCF24 Panel Discussion on LENR – “Given What We Know Now, What Should We Do Next?”

Here’s a video from the recent ICCF24 in which three leading researchers involved in LENR research discuss the current state of the field and how they think the field can develop in the future.

The moderator of the discussion is Matt Trevithick who led the Google-funded team which carried out a research project reevaluating cold fusion in 2019..

Panel members are Dave Nagel, Research professor at George Washington University, Robert Duncan physics professor at Texas Tech University, and Thomas Schenkel, program director at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The panelists discuss the overall question: “Given what we know now, what should we do next?” This question is broken down into four sub-questions:

1. Describe one or two experimental results that cause you to remain interested in LENR.
2. If you had $10 million over 2 years to invest in LENR, what would you do?
3. Which experiment would you most like to see compete for the Solid State Fusion Prize?
4. What advice do you have for an early career scientist or engineer interested in LENR?

It’s a very interesting discussion, with all members believing that there is a bright future for LENR, based on experimental results that have been observed while each acknowledging that it is going to take a lot of work and dedication to get to a point where LENR can be a practical energy source.