ICCF24 Video: “”Solid State Fusion, the Formation of Scientific Field” (Florian Metzler)

Here’s a presentation from the recent ICCF24 conference in California. The presenter is Florian Metzler, Research Scientist at the Industrial Performance Center at MIT. His talk is titled “Solid State Fusion, the Formation of Scientific Field”

He states that the LENR field is a field that is still in the process of formation, as opposed to the fusion field, for example. He compares where we are now to the development of the transistor in the mid 20th century. He says prior to the transistor becoming mainstream and ubiquitous, there were decades of ‘anomaly reports’ about negative resistance effects that are typical in transistors. These anomaly reports were not easily reproducible, but they were enough to keep people working in the field until the point that they understood enough to make reliable transistors.

He has 7 takeway points in the presentation:

1. Solid-state fusion can be well situated within fusion research overall.
2. Prolonged ambiguity and polarization seen in other fields.
3. Anomalies are important guideposts but they are not sufficient.
4. Even with some data ambiguous (or wrong), a bigger picture can still be discernible.
5. Understanding of mechanism – as reported by a proof-of-principle experiment – is (probably necessary for large scale deployment.
6. Characterize inputs at the nanoscale. Focus on experiments with nuclear products.
7. There are known mechanisms that can explain anomalous results.