The Time is Right for the Ecat Plan B

Here’s an exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today, that might give an indication that Andrea Rossi realizes that it might be time to do something new.
domenico canino

Dear Andrea,
How is possible that a gas price of 300 euro for megawatt in Europe is not influencing your market introduction strategy?
Gas high price would be “the” variable of lives of people of all Europe in autumn.
Don’t you think the right moment for you is now?

Andrea Rossi

Domenico Canino:
You are right,
Warm Regards,


If the Ecat SKLep works, it’s obviously something that would be very attractive to people around the world today, given the current geopolitical landscape. I believe that European countries whichhave been reliant on plentiful gas supplies from Russia would find the Ecat SKLep especially attractive, if they could be convinced that it worked as advertised.

When Andrea Rossi writes ‘you are right’ in response to this question, I think he must realize the gravity of the current situation. The target of 1 million pre-orders had not been met yet, and I think he realizes he needs to do something new to get there. The video of the SKLep published last December has had only 12k views so far. I don’t believe that the Ecat SKLep has been mentioned in any international, national or regional news media source, by any government official, or by any business leader. It is currently pretty much invisible.

The potential market is huge, the need is there, so there couldn’t really be a better time for Rossi to launch a plan B.