Leonardo Corp Now Taking Pre-Orders for Ecat ‘Minisklep’

There is a new product available for pre-order on the Ecatorders.com website. It is for the Ecat Minisklep, which looks to be a small version of the Ecat SKLEP.

The product’s published specifications are:

Dimensions: Diameter 6 cm ( 2.4 ” ), Height 3 cm ( 1.2″ )
Weight: 30 grams
Expected operational lifespan: 100 000 hours
Electricity consumption:  0 Wh/h
Electricity generation: Max 10 Wh/h
Power density: 1.8 W/CM^3

In the product description it states: “multiple Minisklep units can easily be combined to reach any power desired”.

The price is $25. The regular SKLep is rated at 100W and costs $249, so the price per watt is basically the same. Maybe this would appeal to those curious about the Ecat, and want to try it out, but who don’t want to pay the higher price for a full-sized SKLep. At 10 W, it might be useful as a battery charger, or to run small electronics, but those who want to power larger systems, it would not really make much sense to go with this smaller Ecat.

Interesting that the electricity consumption is 0 W.


I asked AR on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about this move:

Frank Acland

Dear Andrea,

Now you are offering the Ecat ‘Minisklep’ for pre-order on ecatorders.com
Can you comment on the reason you have chosen to make a smaller Ecat?

Andrea Rossi

Frank Acland:
We have an important demand from a big buyer, that will help to reach our target.
Warm Regards,