The Chukanov Quantum Generator

Thanks to ECW reader Mizzo for the following post about the work of Bulgarian researcher Kiril Chukanov who has published about his ‘quantum generator’ (see description here:

I`ve seen that Mr. Chukanov found a way to start and keep the EVO alive for unlimited time, using special chamber inside an industrial microwave. But this generator produce heat, not electricity directly.

Some history here (there is some incorrect arrows between the pages, so use the links and translate them): (page 1) (page 2) (page 3)

It`s a patent pending, the first step – registering “usefull model” is already done. No idea when we will see a mass production, but Chukanov said the prices will be about $400 per 1 Kwh and he recomends 30 Kw generators as optimal power/price ratio. The over-unity is x5 (1 Kw input -> 5 Kw output). Thats all I know.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of Mr. Chukanov showing his generator: