Leonardo Corp. Streaming Year-long Ecat Test on YouTube

On September 30, 2022 Leonardo Corporation published on its YouTube channel a livestream showing an LED light being powered by an Ecat MiniSKLep. The stated intention is to have the stream run for at least 9000 hours, which is over 1 year. Beyond that, they say would like to have it run for the expected lifespan of an Ecat MiniSKLep, which is calculated to be 100,000 hours.


UPDATE: On Oct 12, 2022, the original livestream ended. Leonardo stated it was due to problems with the YouTube stream. A new livestream was launched on the same day:

Here is the link to the orignal livestream:

I have been in the Leonardo lab with Andrea Rossi in Italy for the last couple of days, I have been here as an observer and a reporter, and I brought with me the power supply that is being used in the livestream. I made a short “backstage” video which shows the circuit setup for the livestream, which is below:

I don’t have any doubt about the Ecat. What is being shown in the livestream video is just what I witnessed. It has been operating as shown since I was in the lab. I believe it really is the revolutionary technology that it is claimed to be.

Andrea Rossi is protecting secrets, clearly, in what he allows to be measured. I didn’t learn any hidden secrets about how the Ecat works during my visit. Andrea Rossi is very tight-lipped on matters he considers confidential. I know that many readers want to know how it all works, but I am unable to shed further light on that matter.

Whether Leonardo succeeds commercially remains to be seen. Andrea Rossi repeated to me his goal to reach the 1 million preorders, which he believes is a requirement to have the funds to both develop commercially and be in a position to defend Leonardo’s intellectual property. I don’t think he is going to change his position, so to me the pressing question is whether the required number of pre-orders can be generated in order for deliveries to start. Then people will be able to run all the Ecat tests that they want.

So this is Rossi’s Plan B put into action, and we shall have to see if it does what he hopes it will.