Univ. of Missouri Team Reports Excess Heat Production in Fleischmann-Pons Cell in 58 Day Experiment

Thanks to Jonas Matuzas for posting this on the Always Open thread.

A paper by Graham Hubler (corresponding author: [email protected]) et. al. at the University of Missouri has been posted on ResearchGate titled: “Long Term Anomalous Heat from 9nm Pd Nanoparticles in an Electrochemical Cell.”



We report 58 days of 120 milliwatts anomalous excess heat in a Fleischman-Pons type open electrochemical cell which integrates to 610,000 Joules of liberated energy, including 4 days of anomalous heat after electrolysis power was shut off. The Pd foil cathode was placed in tension and 9 nm Pd nanoparticles were deposited on the cathode in situ at the onset of the experimental run.

In the discussion at the end of the paper they report:

-Clear 120 mW excess power for 1400 hours or 58 days (COP =2.6)
-Total energy liberated is 610,000 Joules
-Heat after death for 100 hours until run deliberately stopped
-Unusual deposits on cathode post run are not usually seen
-Excess heat appears within hours of the onset of electrolysis

The University of Missouri, Columbia is the home of the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR), and the authors state that the research was supported in full by Sidney Kimmel.