Leonardo Corporation Twitter Account Active

A new Twitter account has been created for Leonardo Corporation: the URL is: https://twitter.com/LeonardoCorpor3

It seems that a new marketing slogan has been selected as you can see in this tweet:

It’s a very bold claim that Leonardo is making here. Mats Lewan wrote a book about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat titled “The Impossible Invention”, and this slogan echoes that title. I think it’s a tough sell to market something that is considered impossible, so we’ll have to see what kind of traction this gets.

In my opinion the only thing that really matters at this point is getting the requisite number of pre-orders to begin production. At the moment there is a very limited number of people paying attention to the E-Cat story, which makes 1 million pre-orders a steep target to reach. Andrea Rossi has been reluctant to say anything recently about the number of pre-orders received. I think since a lot of the so-called ‘big buyers’ dropped out he has become much more cautious about pre-order projections. Still, he said this week that he is still hopeful to start deliver of E-Cats within this year.