New Website for Leonardo Corporation:

Andrea Rossi posted the following today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Dear Readers:
The new complete website of Leonardo Corporation is:
To watch the live stream of the Ecat SKLep the simplest way is go to:
Our Twitter address remains:
Warm Regards,
Dr Andrea Rossi, CEO
Leonardo Corporation

There is a new Youtube stream for the E-Cat Livestream:

It looks like livestreams on YouTube can’t go longer than about two weeks.

Here is a note under the latest video:

(Note: the first livestream YouTube broadcast ended due to unknown technical reasons on Oct 12, 2022. The second broadcast similarly ended on Oct 26, 2022. The third broadcast similarly ended on Nov 8, 2022. The E-Cat continued to operate as normal even though the stream ended, and this new livestream broadcast was launched on the same date)

If you go to, you go to a Goddaddy page which states that is parked free, courtesy of