MFMP MESH Testing — Mizuno Style Reactor Live Experiment

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for posting the following comments and links today which deal with testing that the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project are doing with palladium-activated nickel meshes that have been prepared by Tomáš Jędrzejek (previously known as me356).

Livestream experiment:

MESH – me356 Pd plasma coated Ni Mesh in Pd. Tomáš Jędrzejek AKA me356 produced Pd plasma coated Ni Mesh in Deuterium at elevated temperature.

Background videos:

MESH – Review of me356 treated Nickel mesh SEM & EDS analysis

The analysis of two samples of mesh (untreated and treated) provided by Tomáš Jędrzejek AKA me356 are discussed.

Download the SEM/EDS images and analysis here…

Here is the Cirrus 2 residual mass gas analysis data from the pre-run final calibration

Alan Goldwater discusses the derived calibration curves from many calibration runs derived for the Mizuno R20 style experiment that will be running 3 activated meshes supplied by Tomáš Jędrzejek AKA me356.

MESH – Loading me356 treated Nickel mesh into Mizuno R20-style reactor

This video shows how 3 Pd “activated” Ni meshes provided by Tomáš Jędrzejek AKA me356 were loaded into the Mizuno R20-style reactor.