MFMP Video: “MESH – Additional review of me356 Pd treated Nickel meshes and MR5.1 experiment findings”

Here’s a new video in which Bob Greenyer gives a status update of the experiments that the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have been doing with the Palladium treated Nickel meshes that have been provided to them by Tomáš Jędrzejek (AKA me356)

Bob reviews the experiments that the MFMP did on Dec 1-2, in which they did not detect obvious excess heat production which Tomáš thought should be relatively straightforward to produce. Bob looks at potential issues that might have prevented the excess heat production.

The MFMP are going to continue to do experiments with addition meshes that Tomáš has supplied, but Tomáš has told the MFMP that if they continue to fail to produce excess heat in further experiments, he is willing to supply them next year with a reactor which is fully loaded and tested.