Rossi “Very, Very Happy” With No-Grid E-Cat Progress

Andrea Rossi is sounding increasingly positive today about the progress of the version of E-Cat that does not need to be connected to the grid. Here’s a Q&A from the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Dear Andrea,
will the SKL variant without mains and earth connection be realised via a self-preservation mode, so that no input source will be necessary anymore?
Kind regards, Wilfried

Andrea Rossi
December 11, 2022 at 11:42 AM
Wilfried Babelotzky:
Yes, and I am very positive about the success, because today we worked extremely well with the prototype. We are very, very happy of today’s job.
Warm Regards,

It all sounds very intriguing to me, and I am glad to read the positive sentiment from AR. I asked him the other day whether this new E-Cat variant will need a battery input, and his response was “a more complex system”, which is not very descriptive. Maybe he means it is truly self sustaining, i.e. able to feed the input with part of the output. We’ll have to see. My hope is that it won’t be too long before we can see this system in action.