Streaming of the Gridless E-Cat on the Horizon

Andrea Rossi has raised the stakes again:

December 18, 2022 at 4:10 AM
Dear Dr. Rossi,

you have deserved to be mentioned in every history book in the world!
One question about your awesome invention:
When you are ready to deliver the new off-grid ecat? (assumed the 1 million pre-orders are fulfilled)

Best regards

Andrea Rossi
December 18, 2022 at 1:10 PM
We are completing the tests, afterwards we will stream it; eventually, we will wait for the combined pre-orders for gridbound and gridless Ecat SKLep either 100 W or 10 W reach the target of 100 million Watts combined.
Warm Regards,

I believe what Andrea Rossi is describing would easily be the invention of the century. It’s hard to think of something more significant than a small box that just produces electrical current for years on end. The problems surrounding energy supply in the world today are enormous and almost everyone is affected in some way.

How many will believe that it is possible to have a machine that generates electricity that requires no supply of fuel, has no moving parts, needs no battery, produces no pollution or radiation, and needs no connection to an external power source to operate?

I suspect at first it will be relatively few, because according to all the accumulated knowledge of the ages, and almost all the experts in the field of science and technology, this is absolutely impossible. However, standards of impossibility can change. Much technology that is commonplace today would have been considered absolutely impossible centuries or even decades ago.

It sounds like Andrea Rossi is close to showing his gridless E-Cat in live streaming. It should be simpler to demonstrate than the current setup which is connected to a grid-powered power supply. If the box is sitting on a plexiglass box, with no connections to anything, and is obviously powering something (I guess it will be a light) for days, weeks, months, or years on end, I think it should be more convincing than the current demonstration.

However, the big question is going to be whether it will be convincing enough to persuade the public to place pre-orders for 100 MW worth of devices which AR says is the threshold needed to trigger production and distribution of the E-Cats.