Livestreaming of the Gridless E-Cat Projected to Start in February

Andrea Rossi has stated that the gridless E-Cat is going to be called the E-Cat SK SSM, and he is continuing to do preliminary testing on it before he puts it on display for live streaming.

Regarding the timing of the when the livestream will start, he made this comment yesterday:

Andrea Rossi
January 3, 2023 at 11:34 AM
Yes, we have the SSM prototype working 24/7 and we will complete the R&D cycle within the beginning of February: if all will go well, as we think, we will install the cameras to make the live streaming like we are already doing with the Ecat SKLep on Youtube. All the necessary apparatuses have already been prepared for this,
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I am not sure if this means there will be two separate livestreams at that point, or if this one will replace the current one. I think in terms of impact, it would be much better to be showing an E-Cat that operates without any wires connected to it, or a connection to a grid outlet.