Rossi Announces Self-Sustaining E-Cat Livestream to Start March 13th

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi announced the date and time of the launch of the self-sustaining E-Cat livestream:

Andrea Rossi
February 24, 2023 at 8:45 AM
Dear Readers:
The date of the start up of the live streaming on Youtube of the Ecat SKLep SSM has been decided by our Team:
it will be March 13th at 8 A.M. Miami time.
To access the video-stream, you can find the link at our website:
or also at our Youtube channel:
Warm Regards,

I expect that this livestream will replace the one that is currently running, since Rossi has previously stated that all the orders for the grid-connected E-Cat are going to be automatically changed to orders for the gridless version.