Motoflux Inc. Press Release: “Long-time EV proponent Mike Corbin Blazes a New Trail in Rotational Power” (Magnet Motor)

Thanks to Bruce R for posting this news from Motoflux Inc.

The company put out the following press release and video on February 10th

Long-time EV proponent Mike Corbin blazes a new trail in rotational power.

Friday, February 10, 2023 – Hollister, CA – Long considered the Holy Grail of clean energy, the elusive magnet motor has remained more the fodder of legend than the future of energy. That may have changed now that California startup, Motoflux Inc, has announced a functional proof-of-concept motor that generates rotational energy directly from permanent magnets. Founded by motorcycle and EV industry veteran Mike Corbin, this milestone marks what is sure to become a paradigm shift in motor development and green power.

“The idea of Motoflux is that we want to extract power from the force stored in permanent magnets. The Motoflux principle gives us a way to get a magnetic field to rotate and give us torque.”
-Mike Corbin

The Corbin Motoflux principle uses a unique, three-component design incorporating a radial director that distorts the magnetic lines of flux in the armature. As the flux lines seek to shorten and tighten, the armature is drawn forward to the next closest pole tip of the stator. As a result, the Motoflux device has shown a torque output increase of 4 – 25 times over input. These gains, Mr. Corbin explains, are produced solely from the power of the permanent magnets inside the Motoflux motor.

Requiring a significantly lower level of energy input to operate, the Motoflux motor consumes a fraction of the power required by current electric motor designs and therefore needs less energy storage. With more than two million electric cars already on the road in the US and the potential for low cost stationary generators, the environmental implications are staggering.

“Think of the potential of removing most of the battery mass of all those electric cars and minimizing the carbon footprint (of battery production).”

“Imagine the contribution Motoflux can make to the dilemmas we have now with rolling blackouts in California. They actually mandated the sale of electric vehicles and then they ask you not to charge them on weekends!”

The Motoflux principle is now available for license so motor engineers around the world can design highly efficient powerplants for their specific needs. As the next logical step in the evolution of motor design, this groundbreaking powerplant offers simple manufacturing with minimal components and is highly scalable. Media and other interested parties are encouraged to contact Mike Corbin at the included information.

Inquiries & Media Contact
Mike Corbin, CEO
2360 Technology Pkwy
Hollister, CA 95023
United States
[email protected]