Brilliant Light Power Publishes Updated Business Presentation

Thanks to Brent Buckner for posting a link to an updated Business Presentation document from Brilliant Light Power.

A few new pieces of information that I noticed:

Breakthrough in 2023. We have developed a commercial prototype SunCell® optical power source to produce electricity by concentrator photovoltaic conversion.

• Solar Power Meter Measurements. Power and gain are sufficient for a commercially competitive electric power source.

• Optical power to be converted to electricity using commercial concentrator PV cells. We are providing spectra and optical power data input to two concentrator PV OEMs.

“BLP now at an inflection point with a pilot SunCell creating over 200 kW positive power”

Capital to commercialization. Raising equity funding to further develop and engineer the SunCell® product family to harness the power of the Hydrino® into various energy markets from the current commercial-scale pilot units, to field trial and production units enabling the Company to go public in 2024.

Luis Rebollar, VP of Business Development joined the Company in 2021. 34 years experience in senior managing roles at DuPont and Chemours, including President of spin-off The Chemours Company Mexico; VP of Titanium Technologies,
President of DuPont, Mexico; and VP of Chemours’ Chemical Solutions. Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) in Mexico, BS Chemical Engineering; Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de Mexico (ITAM), MBA.