O-Day is Finally Here (Bob Greenyer)

I received the following post from Bob Greenyer yesterday.

Hi Frank,

O-Day is finally here!!!

Yesterday, from empirical evidence derived from simple, repeatable scientific experiments that can be conducted cheaply, I show the structure of the Gravitomagnetic self-similar monopole that is at the centre of ball lightning, and how this is a better model to explain the synthetic monopole produced in coherent matter and published in Nature in 2014 by Aalto University, Finland.

I then show how it exactly explains the spheres lost in Hutchison Effect samples. The spheres lost in in Dr. Takaaki Matsumotos Pd + D ‘Cold Fusions’ experiments. The sphere disappeared in the Ni + Diamond + Deuterium ‘Cold Fusion’ LENR reactor of LION. The spheres lost in the structure of Dr. Ryushin Ohmasa Vibrator plates. The Spheres and Tungsten cutting and matter de-synthesis in MFMP VEGA experiments and Ohmasa Gas on 10-Yen Coin and Tungsten.

I then show how this is entirely compliant with Sacred Geometry

I then show how this explains the Spheres ejecting material across a wide range of independent experiments including our own and that it synthesises elements and de-synthesises them.

O-Day – Another Dimension

Immediately after the above reveal, I showed how the 3D structure explains all of the exact placements of components in the Great Pyramid of Giza, including logical exact placement of the various unexplained components including all of the recent cavity findings.

I then show what I believe is missing and explain precisely my operational hypothesis for the GP and what it can do, why it is aligned, and how it works, tying it all back the previous experimental evidence which relies on the exact same structure that is a the core of the absolutely-not-patentable natural basis for vacuum engineering.

I then show how, if you accept the evidence, it explains carvings claimed to be 100,000s of years old, all of the bulk of sacred symbols and symbols of power, the icons of the mystery schools and the masonic order.

It has taken since late 2016 to lay out and conduct all of the experiments and publish the evidence openly, and here you have the solution.

It was given to us, it has been all around us our entire lives, shrouded in a veil of deception, lies and ignorance. We just had to have eyes to see and the humility to realise we are certainly not the most advanced society to exist on Earth.

This changes everything.

O-Day – New dawn of an old age
Thankyou to all those who played a role.

Let’s end the usery and fix this planet.