Press Release: “Leonardo Corporation Announces Livestream Of The E-Cat SKLep SSM Power Cell”

The following is a press release from Leonardo Corporation.

Leonardo Corporation Announces Livestream Of The E-Cat SKLep SSM Power Cell

This new electricity generator requires no connection to any energy source

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, March 7, 2023 / — After many years of research and development in the field of clean energy production, Leonardo Corporation has achieved one of its most important goals: the creation of an E-Cat device that generates electricity without any need for a connection to any energy source.

Leonardo Corporation is pleased to announce that starting March 13 2023, at 8:00 a.m. US Eastern Time, a livestream showing the E-Cat SKLep SSM in operation will be on display 24/7 indefinitely on its YouTube channel at:

The livesteam will show an E-Cat SKLep SSM power cell operating an LED headlight and will operate without interruption for 100,000 hours, which is the projected operational lifetime of the device.

Conventional electricity generators need to be connected to a source of of energy before electricity can be produced. For example, at conventional power stations fuel such as coal or natural gas is burned in order to turn turbines which generate electricity. With renewable energy sources solar panels need sun, and wind turbines need wind.

With the E-Cat SK SSM the situation is very different. The E-Cat device is not connected to the power grid, an external battery, or any other kind of fuel source.

Andrea Rossi, CEO of Leonardo Corporation stated, “Nikola Tesla imagined that one day we would be able to tap into the ocean of energy that surrounds us to do useful work for the world. I am honored to be able to show through the livestream of the E-Cat SKLep SSM, that Tesla was right; that it is possible to harvest the energy that is always available to us.”

How Does the E-Cat Work?

The E-Cat operates by a proprietary method of energy production. At the core of the E-Cat technology is an innovative method for applying the physics of the electron. It is based on Zero Point Energy (ZPE) which is a complex concept in which energy can be extracted from the vacuum though quantum effects. In a theoretical paper published on ResearchGate Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation CEO, and inventor of the E-Cat, explains the physics behind E-Cat technology.

The E-Cat does not produce any pollution, CO2 or other emissions, or harmful radiation. It operates silently, and it is constructed of non-toxic materials.

The implications of this development are profound.

E-Cat SKLep SSM can operate anywhere and power electronic devices at the point of need, which means that electricity generation can now be truly mobile and decentralized.

For the near-term Leonardo Corporation foresees that E-Cat SKLep SSM devices will be used as stand-alone generators, and for mobile charging of batteries. This will help anyone living or working in an off-grid situation.

Leonardo Corporation anticipates that in time electronic appliances and devices can be designed to incorporate E-Cat modules, so they will not need to be plugged into a mains source of electricity to operate. Manufacturers and other interested parties are invited to contact Leonardo Corporation to discuss licensing opportunities.

The E-Cat SK SSM is now available for pre-order. Deliveries of E-Cat products will start after Leonard Corporation receives pre-orders for at least 1 million 100 Watt units.


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