Registration open for ICCF-15 in Szczecin, Poland, Aug 27-31

Registration for ICCF-15 is now open. This year the meeting will be held in Szczecin, Poland from August 27-31.
Registration is also available for virtual attendees.

Link to the event website is here:

Authors who wish to contribute papers can do so by submitting proposals by April 1st, 2023.

The main topics that will be covered are:

Heat Production
Electrochemical Experiments
Engineering Applications
Hot Gas Experiments
Plasma Experiments
Beam Experiments Material Studies
Theoretical and Computational Studies

The scientific committee has been announced on the conference site:

Chair: Jean-Paul Biberian, Air-Marseille University, France
Theresa Benyo, NASA, USA
Francesco Celani, Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy
William Collis, International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, United Kingdom
Konrad Czerski, University of Szczecin, Poland
Peter Hagelstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Bo Hoistad, Uppsala University, Sweden
Yasuhiro Iwamura, Tohoku University, Japan
Jirohta Kasagi, Tohoku University, Japan
Xing-Zhong Li, Tsinghua University, Chiny
Matej Lipoglavšek, Josef-Stefan Institute, Slovenia
George Miley, University of Illinois, USA
Michael McKubre, SRI International, USA
David Nagel, George Washington University, USA
Sveinn Ólafsson, University of Iceland, Iceland
Lawrence Forsley, NASA, University of Texas, USA