Pico Clusters and Electron Screening (Axil Axil)

The following comment was submitted by Axil Axil

I now introduce a possible explanation about how the Pico cluster amplifies electron screening of the nucleus to enable fusion at ambient temperatures to occur.

When a large aggregation of electrons form, this aggregation extracts energy from the Higgs field that is rendered as electron mass and reduces the Higgs field’s vacuum potential (aka ability) to generate mass in the area concomitant with the electron aggregation. This reduction is the ability of the Higgs field to generate mass in a localized volume will also lower the mass of the quarks in nuclei within the zone of influence of the electron clustering. This reduction in quark mass will weaken the strong force holding the nuclei together making the fusion reaction more likely.

But electrons can become bosons when a pico cluster forms. This cluster forms a super-electron where the entire volume of space in which the pico cluster is acting has a concentrated mass screening potential within that volume. In a coherent electron system, all coherent members are entangled thereby sharing the maximum electron screening potential of the entire group.

An explanation about how an entangled coherent system shares energy is explained here: